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Posture Corrector Back Belt

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Size: S

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  • Pulling on your shoulders will help you develop good habits of sitting, standing, and walking. Stick to it every day and you will slowly have a healthy posture. POSTURE BELT corrector for women & men helps you open your shoulders.

  • While opening your shoulders, your posture will be more upright, and the chest brace can also effectively support your chest, making your body curve more obvious, more beautiful, and more confident in the workplace.

  • Our posture corrector is suitable for men and women and provides alignment of the back, neck, and shoulder during your activities.

  •  With the benefit of our back brace, you will have a straight posture and be more confident, healthy, and younger. Enjoy a wonderful life with a better posture.

  • Notes: If you feel discomfort, loosen the straps and readjust.



  • Material: Polyester

  • Size: S-2XL


Package includes

  • 1 X Posture Corrector Back Belt


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